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100% Soft Mystery Minis + Mystery Mini Guide

100% Soft has expanded their vinyl toy catalog to mystery minis! They recently announced the "Trash Kitties" mystery minis which have 9 base figures and 3 chase figures.

They are expected in March of 2022 and can be purchased at any of the following links for pre-order.

FYE Exclusive Metallic Glow in the Dark Teal Dumpster Fire Vinyl 100% Soft

With the announcement of this new 100% Soft product, Dumpster Price Guide has expanded our guide to include mystery minis! The guide page for the minis is separate from the Dumpster Fire Guide and can be found here: Mystery Mini Guide (

Mystery minis can be added to your collection just like Dumpster Fires, but appear in their own section on the "My Collection" page. The average value as well as amount paid for the mystery minis will add to your total value at the top of the page. An example of minis and dumpster fires in your collection can be seen below.

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