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Last of 3 New Releases: "Smog Black" Dumpster Fire Releasing 4/29/21!

100% Soft recently announced they are releasing 3 new colorways of the OG dumpster fire! They are limited edition and will only be available to the end on 2021. The first variant, was "Sunburn Red", the second variant was "Pepto Pink", and now the third variant is "Smog Black". Smog Black is scheduled to release on 4/29/21 on Rotofugi at 10am pst!

FYE Exclusive Metallic Glow in the Dark Teal Dumpster Fire Vinyl 100% Soft

These will be available all year so you don't need to stress out about getting one quick before they sell out, and if you don't get one through Rotofugi they should be available on the 100% Shop.

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