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New Purple Dumpster Fire Announced!

100% Soft just added another color to the Dumpster Fire rainbow with Cough Syrup Purple!⁣

This 2022 limited edition dumpster will be for sale online Friday, November 11th at 10am PT! It will be $25 and available here: 100% Soft - Shop (

FYE Exclusive Metallic Glow in the Dark Teal Dumpster Fire Vinyl 100% Soft

This little purple dumpster fire will also be available at these retailers:

🔥3DRetro 🔥Beserk (Australia) 🔥Mindzai (Canada) 🔥Myplasticheart 🔥Rotofugi 🔥Spoke Art 🔥Toy Joy 🔥Vltd 🔥Woot Bear 🔥Zia Records

Don't miss out on this awesome limited-edition dumpster fire!

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